Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Ways of Looking at Facebook

1. I got tagged on Facebook for one of these 25 things about me things.
2. I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone by making it a blog post.
3. I don’t actually approve of the expression “kill two birds with one stone.”
4. I consider throwing rocks at birds to be cruel.
5. Nonetheless, I suspect it must take impressive skill and perseverance to kill two with one.
6. I once read a quote: “one does not talk to the skilled hunter of that which is forbidden by the Buddha.”
7. I don’t really know what that means, and am probably misquoting it, anyway.
8. “Kill two birds with one stone” is not the only common expression I have problems with.
9. Recently, someone gave me something and then took it back, and I told her I’d call her a non-racist equivalent of “Indian giver” as soon as I could think of one.
10. I haven’t come up with a good one and, anyway, the moment has passed, so I’m not trying very hard.
11. People I never expected to hear from again keep contacting me through the Facebook thing.
12. That's cool.
13. For the most part, though, we only seem to be reconnecting through comments like “I liked that Narnia thing much better before I understood the symbolism,” or “Battlestar Galactica’s cool, but I’m paranoid enough as it is.”
14. One exception would be my friend Joyce, who I worked with at Greenpeace a long time ago, and recently met for Mexican food—which was nice, but we haven’t talked since.
15. I was the worst canvasser ever.
16. I also keep getting friend requests from people I used to know but didn’t particularly like.
17. I'm positive they didn’t like me, either.
18. I’m wondering how long it’s gonna be before I get a friend request from somebody who beat me up in seventh grade.
19. I’ve run out of things to say about Facebook.
20. When I was a kid, we had these gerbils named Ralph and Rachel that lived in one of those plastic gerbil contraptions.
21. When they were in heat...or one of them was in heat...we had shocking displays of sexual violence in our kitchen at all hours.
22. When they had babies, we took them to the pet store, thinking other little kids would get to take them home as pets.
23. The pet store employees were happy to take them off our hands.
24. They fed them to snakes.
25. But that’s still better than throwing rocks at birds.


Benzyl said...

What about throwing snakes at birds?

Rhiannon said...

I love how you handled the "25 things about me" in this post Lydia! It spoke volumes about you...all good of course..:o)

I'm very much into being Green myself..as with my health issue I've been sensitive to a lot of chemicals for many years now. I have to be very careful..but I did a major detoxification program years ago...all natural of course and it really worked! But it took a lot of hard work and time..the working out and sauna sweating,etc..it was well worth it.

By the way Got my car registered, it passed the smog check, and yesterday got through my drivers license renewal..that was quite interesting "proving" I'm a U.S. citizen. Having my photo taken was the worse part. I hate having my photo taken. The people were very nice and had quite a sense of humor which helped...when they told me "okay your squeaky clean" I asked "what does that mean"?..the woman said "honey were the DMV we know everything"...oooohhhh..:o(



Rhiannon said...

uuuumm...sorry jay..:o(....I guess you can see that I got a bit confused and thought I had Lydia's blog...eeeeerrrrr..what can I say? It's been a rather stressful week or so..I'm a bit embarassed.

Anyway I did mean what I said..I did love how you handled the 25 things about you. The rest about the DMV well, you had to be Lydia...sorry...my brain is a bit tired these days.

Face is turning red about now..



Anonymous said...

Since when do you cooperate with things like getting tagged on Facebook, eh?

Did the gerbils being fed to snakes traumatise you as a child? ;)

Lydia said...

A former Greenpeace worker, eh? That increases your stature in my mind. Stature, not statue...like the one of these two birds that is quite lovely, most definitely.

Anonymous said...

I never knew Gerbils had violent sexual encounters. How interesting to watch.
I don't find Facebook very user friendly ... but your 25 things are interesting though. I don't think I could come up with 5 before I got bored with myself and went to read someone else's more interesting 25 things.

jb said...

And so did I and I have made it a blog post also, to be posted soon. Instead I called mine, 25 useless things you didn't need to know about me... lolol.....bringing some humor to the mix.

I don't like throwing stones at birds. I'd probably throws a few huge blouders at my Ex but not at birds or any animal as a matter of fact.

Great post and I agree handled very nicely.


Lana Gramlich said...

Interesting & entertaining stuff (& yet ANOTHER reason I recently deactivated my FB account. *L*)
I seem to remember something (maybe Linus talking to Charlie Brown,) about rock snakes...that they'd sneak up on you & when you weren't looking, they'd throw a rock at your head.
Or else I'm having a flashback...

Seeing Eye Chick said...

Okay that just was too funny. Chickens and Gerbils must be distant cousins. We raised chickens from Straight Run--Meaning that they were mixed gender, and ended up with like 12 roosters. They screwed the hens til they were bald on their backs. So yea, Shocking scenes of Sexual violence in our yard {front or back} at any given time. UGH!
You are waiting for someone in the 7th grade that beat up up to invite you to be their facebook friend, or people you know that didnt really like you keep inviting you. You think you graduated from highschool, but you have forgotten that there are souls who will be trapped in the highschool of their minds for many kalpas.

Melinda said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! I got a big kick out of reading your list. In particular I like 16 - 19.

I actually have really started to like Facebook. At first, I thought it was annoying and never really checked in. I was forced :) to join by a cajoling friend (gun held to my head, really!). I only had about 7 friends for the longest time--and I pretty much ignored it.

However, since I started writing my book, I found myself becoming really nostalgic about some people I used to know--and I wanted to get in touch with them. So I started doing searches and found some people I used to know, who helped me find other people I used to know.

I really like FB these days but I think I might have a hard time coming up with that big of a list!


RB said...

Not to be a stickler, but I think 2-8 compose just one multi-part "thing"

Sidhe said...

Well, thanks...I've gotten "tagged" by every freaking person I've ever known for this 25 things on FB and thus far I've been ignoring it...but the potential for a blog post and, uh, killing two birds with one stone...not that I could condone such a thing either...well, anyway, it's a good idea. Thanks...again.

I think one of our heifers is in heat, or maybe all three of them are...we don't have any bulls though.

Padfoot and Prongs - Good Books Inc. said...

This actually made me laugh out loud. I am so easily pressured into doing those. All you have to do is tag me and I feel compelled to do one as well. How sad.

eddie said...

Throwing rocks at flies is even more counterproductive for the accuracy challenged hurler...how about 'killing seven flies with one swat'. This should certainly not offend but the most extreme vegetarian or possibly an obssesive compulsive bent on counting flies.
I suggest a disclaimer about
sexual content however. you never know when one of those PC gerbils is gonna show up here and torch your blog.

Delighted Scribbler said...

Great list. I like the whole stream of consciousness style.

adria said...